About us

We like meat. In fact, we love meat. But what we don’t like is the way the meat industry works.
That’s why we choose to work with locally raised beef, reared and butchered in a sustainable way direct from the Stockholm archipelago. And we source our vegetables the same way, from people we know and trust.
When it comes to wine, we’ve chosen not to limit ourselves to one particular region and keep our list short yet dynamic.
In the kitchen, we do everything from scratch. We dry age the beef, smoke our own bacon, lengthen the seasons by pickling, and base our stocks with bones from the same farms we get our meat. Our menu changes daily,  according to what is available that day. Some things stay on the menu for a long time, others are only there for a day or two.
In our award winning cocktail bar we serve  hand crafted cocktails,  micro brewed beers and a great selection of wines by the glass. We serve our full food menu in the bar, a daily special for 185 SEK and house made snacks.

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